The celebrated video artist and cinematographer Arthur Jafa is showing the new installation Black Power Tool and Die Trynig [sic!] in April at 52 Walker in New York City. The site-specific installation – a “picture unit”, as the artist describes it – consists of a plexiglass structure that spans the length of the gallery, creating a continuous canvas which will be covered with Jafa's characteristically potent imagery.

Jafa first came to prominence for his work on the legendary film Daughters of the Dust (1991) by Julie Dash, which earned him the Best Cinematography award at Sundance Film Festival. He reached the summit of the art world when he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial in 2019 for his work The White Album. Jafa approaches the Black experience with a singular poignancy, trying to address the pain and exhaustion of the trauma that Black peoples live through, which he sees as being integral to defining Black identity.

Jafa created a new series of paintings and sculptures, as well as a new film, which will be displayed as part of his exhibition. This will be the 11th show organized at 52 Walker since its opening in October 2021. The space was established by the gallerist David Zwirner with an approach that is conceptually distinct from the fast pace of commercial galleries, often presenting artists over a number of months.

Jafa's exhibition was curated by Ebony L. Haynes, director of 52 Walker. The show will be open from April 5 to June 2, 2024. More information about the exhibition can be found at the 52 Walker site.

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