Kinoki in partnership with Refraction presents an exclusive selection of digital art that was exhibited on the large video screen above the iconic Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Original presentation curated by Genki Nishida, Malcolm Levy, Anbar El-Mokri, Jackson Kaki and Asuka Watanabe as part of DIG SHIBUYA in January 2024.

Kaoru Tanaka

Reverb, 2024


This work by Kaoru Tanaka was shown at the inaugural edition of DIG SHIBUYA, a dynamic event that explored the intersection of technology, art, and culture. Presented from January 13 - 14, 2024 as part of a digital art exhibition on the large video screen at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Organized by Refraction, an artist-owned community leading the next wave of digital art, music and culture.

Kaoru Tanaka is a digital artist based in Japan who creates real-time generative art and experiments. She visualises the behaviour of feeling the life force through instantaneous visual feedback in her unique worldview. →

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Kaoru Tanaka is a generative artist based in Japan