The publisher Phaidon announced its monograph CryptoPunks: Free to Claim is dropping November 2024 and currently available for preordering on its website. This book provides a comprehensive overview of all 10,000 CryptoPunks, complete with full reproductions and listings of attributes for each of them.

CryptoPunks was an experiment initiated by the Canadian blockchain aficionados Matt Hall and John Watkinson. These algorithmically-generated, pixelated avatars were free to claim when they first came out in 2017. CryptoPunks eventually gained traction and are now considered a legendary OG project in the web3 space. The prices for these digital art collectibles have since skyrocketed, holding steady even during the fall of the NFT bull market and the onset of the crypto winter.

This catalogue raisonnée is a joint collaboration between Yuga Labs, the web3 lifestyle company that purchased the CryptoPunks IP in 2022, and Zak Kyes, a Swiss-American creative director who founded the design office Zak Group. This hefty volume features an interview with Hall and Watkinson conducted by curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, alongside contributions by other prominent curators such as Noam Segal and Marcella Lista, and artists such as Simon Denny and Mat Dryhurst.

Phaidon is a legacy publishing house with over 100 years of experience in the creative arts. With CryptoPunks: Free to Claim, Phaidon is positioning itself as one of the few established publishing houses which is delving into the esoteric world of web3 and NFTs. For more information on the book check here. Pre-order your copy at the Phaidon website here.

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