Frieze Film, the curated program of video and film works by local and international artists, is back for the second edition of Frieze Seoul, the leading contemporary art fair in South Korea. Running from 22 August to 9 September, Frieze Film invites audiences to explore the city’s independent art spaces and discover the diverse and innovative language of film in art.

The program, titled ‘It was the way of walking through narrative’, is curated by KIM Sung woo and Sungah Serena CHOO, who have selected 14 artists to present their works at four venues: Amado Art Space, BOAN1942 ARTSPACE BOAN 1, Insa Art Space and MOTHER Offline. The works are also available to watch online on

Some of the highlights of the program include:

- AN Jungju’s kick clap hat (2021), a multimedia installation that combines 360 VR video and 2-channel video to create a surreal journey through a dystopian cityscape where humans are replaced by robots.

- HONG LEE Hyun-Sook’s In the Neighborhood of Seokgwangsa (2021), a single-channel video that documents the artist’s visit to her childhood neighborhood, which has been transformed by urban development and gentrification.

- Moojin Brothers’ The old man was dreaming about the lions [Vol.1 & Vol.2] (2019), a single-channel video installation that addresses the narratives of individuals that traverse generations, as well as the themes of residence and living environments.

The curators explain that the program uses the idea of narrative in film and video as a methodology for excavation, meaning the uncovering and exposing of stories that have been eliminated or omitted from the official records. The works present narratives that exist beneath the surface of everyday life, often in the sphere of the imaginary or an alternate reality. By traversing non-linearly between time and space, the works dismantle, rearrange and combine memories and experiences to create new narratives and perspectives. The physical scattering and weaving of the works across different venues also reflects this approach, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the viewers.

Frieze London is on from 11-15 October 2023 at The Regent's Park. Full program details can be accessed here, which includes the introduction of the Frieze x ICA Artists' Film Programme.

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