The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) is organizing an exhibition of digital art by women, titled Radical Software, which will host the works of over thirty artists. The works on display will give an overview of how computer science influenced female artists and the ways that they adopted and adapted these nascent technologies before the advent of the internet.

The second half of the 1960's was a pioneering moment in the history of mankind. Among other things, great strides were made in the development of semiconductors for computing. This also represented a time of heightened experimentation with computing in the domain of the visual arts, attracting the inquisitive and the innovative to play with the new possibilities that opened up for artistic expression.

Visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to go on a journey through a diverse range of technological mediums and their artistic reimaginations, spanning from computer drawings made in the 1960's, the appearance of the first computer-generated images in experimental films made in the 1970's, and finally culminating in the application of home computing technology in video, sculpture and installation works in the 1980's. The exhibition's curators, Michelle Cotton and Sarah Beaumont, conceived it as a primarily analogue presentation of digital art, concentrating on the decades which preceded the advent of the world wide web.

It is the curators' belief that the works on display will provide a glimpse into the birth and development of the modes of artistic expression which characterize our modern world, with the intent of preserving this heritage for future generations, while also providing a unique feminist perspective to a market otherwise dominated by men. Radical Software will be on display from September 20th 2024 through February 2nd 2025 at MUDAM in Luxembourg City. Updates on the upcoming exhibition can be found at the MUDAM website.

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