Rhizome has partnered with Museum of the Moving Image to introduce ArtBase Anthologies, a program series that is focused on showcasing the history of born-digital art. ArtBase Anthologies is a hybrid program that presents a monthly selection of digital works with a varying focus on solo artists, historical moments, and thematic groupings. This series of online exhibitions will seek to deepen and expand the public's understanding of digital art through a nuanced account of its history.

For the inaugural presentation of ArtBase Anthologies, Rhizome's co-executive director Michael Connor has collaborated with Museum of the Moving Image curator Regina Harsanyi to select four artworks: one solo project by Auriea Harvey and three other projects done in collaboration with her longtime partner Michael Samyn under the name Entropy8Zuper! These works were created during a period of increasing corporatisation of the early internet and are symbolic of the sincere dedication to safeguarding the web as a space for artists and amateurs who pioneer new modes of artistic expression online.

This first installment of ArtBase Anthologies is presented in conjunction with Harvey's ongoing solo exhibition at Museum of the Moving Image titled My Veins are the Wires, My Body is Your Keyboard. A panel discussion that offered information on the goals of the program was held at Onassis ONX in New York City on April 3rd.

Works by Harvey and Entropy8Zuper! can be accessed in emulation on the exhibition microsite, which includes contextual information, images and software downloads. ArtBase Anthologies was made possible by a grant from Teiger Foundation. More information about ArtBase Anthologies can be found on the Rhizome site.

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