The artist Ryan Trecartin was invited to create an installation for the opening of the Kiko Kostadinov flagship in Tokyo, the Bulgarian fashion designer's first permanent store in the city. Along with Japanese interior designer Yusuke Seki, Kostadinov and Trecartin have strived to create a unique retail space that seeks to engage customers' artistic sensibilities.

Both the store's exterior and interior have been crafted to manifest the minimalist visual aesthetics of Tokyo itself, while also embodying the core philosophy that makes Kostadinov's designs attractive to contemporary fashionistas. The interior of the store is divided into two distinct components. The first, “The Salon”, was designed by Yusuke Seki and his team. This unit represents the main retail space, which Seki has molded into an area that encourages creative exchange. The second unit of the store is more fluid in its conception, inviting creators and customers alike to engage in an ever-evolving approach to the retail experience, as well as offering new ways of interpreting the syncretic relationship between art and fashion.

Trecartin's installation is presented in the form of a visual narrative in two iterations. The first is presented as a production proxy, a “pending place”, where the artist presents material explorations and spatial studies that highlight the ephemeral nature of the retail space – a perpetual work in progress. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with this iteration while Trecartin is working with local Japanese artisans on constructing the permanent installation, set to be finished in Summer 2024. The final iteration of this space will unfold through a series of artistic interventions that involve film, objects and sculpture.

The realization of this project has been supported by the galleries Sprüth Magers and Morán Morán. Trecartin's works were most recently featured in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. His installation at Kiko Kostadinov in Tokyo opens from March 22, 2024. More information about this project can be found here and here.

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