The newest fair to join the constellation of cultural events that are hosted around Art Basel brings digital art to town. The Digital Art Mile, organized by ArtMeta, is presenting digital art and web3, gathering together exemplary works by a wide range of artists, both past and present. That it is being held concurrently with Art Basel will lead to a crossover between the traditional and digital art worlds, in the hopes of shattering previously-held misconceptions about the space.

For this inaugural edition, the organizers have decided to start in a smaller fashion, as a “boutique fair”, where visitors are able to peruse works of digital art spanning from the early days of computer art in the 1960s to modern-day pioneering experiments that utilize AI. To this end, only 13 exhibitors, including Sotheby's, TAEX and MakersPlace, have been invited to participate.

Analivia Cordeiro & Nilton Lobo, MUTATIO, 2018/2024. Installation view at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. Photo by Felix Gruenchlos.

As part of The Digital Art Mile, the platform Fellowship – which promotes artists working in photography, AI, generative art and video – is hosting a selling show titled Collaborations with the Artificial Self at space25. Included in this show is the only known self-portrait created by the painting machine AARON, made by Harold Cohen, the founding father of generative art. It is exhibited alongside the 1/1 NFT and framed exhibition print of Err Hold (2022) by Botto, a “machine artist” that creates art without direct human intervention.

Tezos Foundation and Sigg Art Foundation are providing sponsorship for The Digital Art Mile while also presenting a broad spectrum of contemporary artists whose works have expanded the potential of AI in art. The platform Objkt has invited Analivia Cordeiro, the Brazilian inventor of cybernetic choreography, which is an innovative method that allows viewers to create generative NFTs on the Tezos blockchain using their own movements.

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase exhibited artworks in both crypto and fiat. The Digital Art Mile is open from June 10-16, 2024. For more details visit the ArtMeta website.

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