With the support of Ford Foundation’s JustFilms, COUSIN is launching its third cycle of artist support. This cycle will focus on both new commissions and general practice support.

As with our CYCLE I and CYCLE II artists, we are specifically funding artists working within the experimental and avant-garde space.

Our application will be open from 08.01.23—09.01.23.

We are open to international artists, however we place an emphasis on Indigenous artists based in what is now called the United States. We also will prioritize Black Indigenous, LGBTQIA2S+, and other applicants identifying from marginalized groups within our communities.

We recognize the nuances of Indigeneity in the face of colonialism, so we do not ask for proof of enrollment. However, we also recognize that community can mean many different things within the context of Indigeneity, and in our application we would like to know specifically how you are connected to your own understanding of Indigeneity and your connection to your respective Indigenous community.

If you are a previously funded COUSIN artist, you are not eligible to apply for this cycle.

We are looking to support a mix of seven artists looking for general practice support and/or new commissions. We will be accepting submissions from international applicants, but the final cohort chosen will be a majority of artists based within what is now known as the United States.

Grants will total $10,000 USD each.

Selections will take place in early Fall 2023. Apply here.

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