East Asian Experimental Competition

The Image Forum Festival is a festival of moving image art that brings together works with a high degree of expression, artistry, and creativity. The festival is being held for the 38th time this year in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

We are seeking submissions from the East Asian region, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, for works to be included in the East Asian Experimental Competition of this year's festival.  

A successor to “New Works of Underground Cinema” (1973-1975) and “Experimental Film Festival” (1981-1985), this festival, which expanded to include more international content and an open competition section, began in 1987 and is being held for the 38th time this year. The festival’s open competition section has come to be known as a gateway to success for groundbreaking young filmmakers in Japan, and in previous years has featured works by filmmakers and artists who have gone on to international success such as YAMAMURA Koji, KAWASE Naomi, IGUCHI Noboru, ISHIDA Takashi, and WADA Atsushi. Last year we have expanded this section (formerly known as the “Japan Tomorrow” section) that had been restricted to Japanese works and relaunched it as the “East Asian Experimental Competition.”

You can find details on our web site: imageforumfestival.com. Please note that the deadline is April 26th, 2024.

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