Experimental Realities: An Inquiry will explore the intersections of immersive, virtual, and augmented reality with visual arts, time-based media, and experimental filmmaking. The four-day event is taking place at International Documentary Association in Los Angeles from July 7-10, 2023.

This event will bring together a diverse group of researchers, artists, curators, creative technologists, poets, and collectives who share a passion for experimental reality practices. They will engage in dialogues, workshops, performances, and exhibitions that center on relationality and respect. The goal is to create a space of emergence where new ideas, collaborations, and possibilities can arise.

Participants include the artist Alison Nguyen, curator Greg de Cuir Jr, creative technologist Mark Mushiva, writer-director Zinha, and others. The event is organized by Abby Sun, Director of Artist Programs at IDA, and Keisha Knight, Director of IDA Funds.

Experimental Realities: An Inquiry is supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the visual arts by fostering innovative artistic expression and encouraging the creation and presentation of contemporary art.

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