The latest exhibition on Feral File is FF1.0, curated by Casey Reas. FF1.0 is a retrospective that celebrates the platform's second anniversary and features 33 works by 33 artists from past shows. The exhibition includes works by Refik Anadol, Tyler Hobbs, Sofia Crespo, LaTurbo Avedon, John Gerrard, and many more.

Feral File is a platform for digital art that aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of artists working with digital media. Founded in 2020 by artist Casey Reas and blockchain startup Bitmark, Feral File works with curators, artists, and institutions to explore new ways of exhibiting and collecting digital art.

Feral File hosts online selling exhibitions that feature editioned blockchain-based works by emerging and established artists. The platform champions the edition model, which allows artists to retain their rights and receive royalties from resales and cross-blockchain transactions. Feral File also supports artists by providing them with tools and resources to create, mint, and distribute their works on various blockchains.

FF1.0 showcases the wide range of digital art practices, from generative art and machine learning to digital sculpture and code art. The exhibition also reflects the diverse themes and perspectives of the artists, such as identity, nature, culture, politics, and aesthetics. Some of the artworks that stand out in FF1.0 are:

  • Unsupervised — Machine Hallucinations — MoMA Generative Study 1 by Refik Anadol: A generative video that uses machine learning to create hallucinatory visions of the Museum of Modern Art's collection.
  • F (l)ight by Tyler Hobbs: A series of algorithmically-generated images that explore the interplay of light and color.
  • Haristory by Auriea Harvey: A 3D portrait that celebrates Black hair as a form of expression and resistance.
  • The Divers V: negative (left ortho) by Sophie Kahn: A digital sculpture that combines 3D scanning and printing to create fragmented representations of the human body.
  • Material World Knight – Flying Mode by exonemo: A playful animation that transforms a chess piece into a flying creature.

Reas shared his vision for Feral File's future on Twitter: "This is a huge moment for Feral File. I hope you can join to celebrate with us in June and to welcome Feral File 2.0 in July ⚡️." Feral File 2.0 will continue to focus on artists' rights, while homing in on editioned series and group exhibitions. The platform will also introduce new features and collaborations to enhance the experience of curating and collecting digital art.

FF1.0 is open until July 28, 2023. You can visit the exhibition here and discover the works of some of the most innovative and influential digital artists today.

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