The upcoming symposium Film Undone. Elements of a Latent Cinema will explore the possibilities and challenges of cinema beyond its conventional forms and practices. The symposium will take place from July 20 to 23, 2023, at silent green and Kino Arsenal in Berlin.

Film Undone will feature presentations and discussions of film projects that remained unmade, unfinished and unseen, or were realized in non-filmic media. These "elements of a latent cinema" challenge the conventional understanding of cinema's materials, institutions and professions, its socio-political functions, histories and futures.

Some of the presenters and their topics include:

  • Ali Essafi, who will present "Insurrectionelle," a film by Farouk Beloufa that documents the Algerian student movement of 1971 and was banned by the authorities.
  • Chetna Vora, who will present "Frauen in Berlin," a film she made in East Germany in 1982 about women's lives under socialism and feminism, which was never released due to political censorship.
  • Concha Barquero and Alejandro Alvarado, who will present "Rocío," a film by Fernando Ruiz Vergara that exposes the Francoist repression of a village in Andalusia during the Spanish Civil War and was confiscated by the military court in 1980.
  • Tara Najd Ahmadi, who will present "Tazeh nafasha," a film by Kianoush Ayari that depicts the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and was banned by the Islamic regime.
  • Ojoboca (Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy), who will present "Desvanecimiento prolongado – Película Implausible # 1," a performance based on an unrealized film project by Luis Buñuel.

Admission to the main programme at silent green is free of charge upon prior registration. For more information about the symposium and the full program, please visit the site.

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