The exhibition Minted in Enemy Bronze by Justin Randolph Thompson, an artist, cultural facilitator and educator based between Italy and the US, will be on view at the British School at Rome from 8 November to 8 December 2023. Thompson had a research fellowship at BSR for three years, and this show will present a dozen new films that emerge from the work he carried out while there.

The exhibition comprises a poetic exploration of the history and legacy of Black culture and people in Italy, as well as their impact on local culture and society. The suite of films combine archival footage, interviews, music and performance to create a rich and nuanced narrative that challenges the conventional representations of Blackness.

This is part of Thompson's ongoing research on the African diaspora in Italy, which he also engages with through his role as the co-founder and director of Black History Month Florence, a multi-faceted initiative that celebrates and examines Black histories and cultures in the context of Italy. Thompson's work seeks to deepen the discussions around socio-cultural stratification and the arrogance of permanence by employing fleeting temporary communities as monuments and fostering projects that connect academic discourse, social activism and DIY networking strategies.

Chapters of Minted in Enemy Bronze have been presented at Museo MADRE in Naples and MUCEM in Marseille. This exhibition is the first institutional solo show for Thompson in Italy, where he has been living and working since 1999.

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