Open Call for Year 11 (Sept 2024-August 2025) Incubator Members is open until March 8th

NEW INC is a shared workspace and incubator program supporting a multidisciplinary community of individuals and small teams. Our year-long program runs September - August, and is designed to support creative practitioners as they pursue a sustainable practice or bring a new business to life. We are based in New York City and welcome virtual or hybrid participation.

Tracks: In Year 11, running September 2024 - August 2025, each member or small team is invited to join a Track to build intentional communities around common themes and concentrate on relevant opportunities. This year, we will offer five Tracks for members to participate in: Art & Code, Creative Science, Extended Realities, Social Architecture, and Cooperative Studies. Each Track is assigned a dedicated Mentor-in-Residence, and in some cases, we have partnered with like-minded foundations, organizations, or companies to offer special programming and opportunities for members. 

Community: NEW INC is a space for artists, creative practitioners, and entrepreneurs who collectively believe in the equitable* advancement of culture and making an impact. At NEW INC, we know space for rest, play, and non-transactional conversation is essential. The visions we bring to fruition do not happen in solitude. Our thriving community of creative professionals lean on each other for collaboration, feedback, technical support, references for funding and exhibitions, new opportunities, and friendship. We bridge ideas and exchange across Tracks through an array of purposeful gatherings where members can hang out, share work-in-progress, and participate in pop-up workshops.

*At NEW INC, equitable advancement of culture and social exchange includes a centering of BIPOC, queer, and trans voices, transparent sharing of resources, open forum dialogue, and public engagement. 

Mentorship: A core part of NEW INC member growth is having sustained access to over 150+ mentors. We know that dialogue with seasoned leaders results in impactful work and inspiration. We offer mentorship with industry experts including a range of executive professionals hailing from top creative agencies, interdisciplinary art organizations, law firms, funding bodies, social justice groups, and commercial brands. All NEW INC individuals and/or teams are matched with a Dedicated Mentor, who offers 1-on-1 and sustained guidance throughout the program year. Each Track has the opportunity to participate in regular meetings with their Mentors-in-Residence, who each act as a guide and champion for the Tracks for the year. They help find alignment and connections between Member’s projects. We also offer weekly appointments from our large pool of Office Hours Mentors for one-time consultations or virtual studio visits. NEW INC staff and select New Museum staff offer consistent 1-on-1 time with members throughout the program cycle. Browse our Year 10 mentor pool.

Professional Growth: Through working groups, workshops, guest lectures, and peer-to-peer learning, our values-centered approach provides NEW INC members with an understanding of business fundamentals, empathetic team-building skills, storytelling, practical technologies, and a roadmap for growth. We shape our program to make space for you to bring your lived experiences as they relate to your creative project or business. Each year, we outline 3 potential growth areas, or “paths” within which we organize our offerings–paths that we’ve identified based on our members’ needs and goals. Our program intentionally supports members in developing their practice while navigating social and systemic marginalization related to race, country of origin, socio-economics, health, disability, sexuality, and gender.

Our program includes, but is not limited to: 

  • 3-Day CAMP experience
  • Seasonal Intensives
  • Monthly “foundational” workshops
  • Seminar-style Working Groups 
  • Work-in-progress peer discussions 
  • Pop-up information and learning sessions with NEW INC Community Mentors 
  • 100+ available Office Hours appointments with our team and Mentors
  • Monthly Community programs 

Programming will take place virtually and in-person. Sessions are synchronous and highly interactive, and take place during working hours, 10:00am - 6:00pm, EST. Visit the site for further details about the application process

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