Terence Nance: SWARM, an exhibition of new and recent works by the acclaimed filmmaker, writer, director, actor and musician, is on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (ICA) through July 9, 2023. Curated by Maori Karmael Holmes, Chief Executive & Artistic Officer of BlackStar Projects, the exhibition explores Nance's multidisciplinary practice that blurs the boundaries between film, television, music, animation and performance.

Nance is best known for his directing debut An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (2012), a feature film that incorporates an earlier short film, animation and an original score. He is also the creator of the avant-garde TV program Random Acts of Flyness (2018–present), which is produced by his production company MVMT and airs on HBO. Nance's work challenges the conventions of narrative and documentary storytelling, while addressing themes such as race, identity, love, politics and culture.

SWARM features several new works by Nance, including a large-scale installation that immerses visitors in a multisensory environment of sound, light and movement. The installation is inspired by Nance's concept of "swarming", which he describes as "a way of being in the world that prioritizes collectivity over individuality, improvisation over planning, and emergence over stasis". The exhibition also includes a selection of Nance's short films, music videos, animations and collaborations with other artists, such as Earl Sweatshirt, Solange Knowles and The Ummah Chroma.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of public programs and events that highlight Nance's diverse influences and interests, such as Afrofuturism, jazz, hip-hop, poetry and spirituality. SWARM is the first solo museum exhibition of Nance's work in the United States and marks a significant moment in his career as one of the most innovative and influential artists of his generation.

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